Wayne County Lost and Found 4 Dogs NC Lost and Found Page

 Welcome to the Wayne County Lost and Found 4 Dogs NC…….



We serve as the community resource to support Wayne County Animal Adoption and Education Center in bringing the community as a partner of the center to introduced Enhanced Lost and Found, Foster Care Network, Enhanced Adoption Options,  Cost Savings Initiatives, and Voucher Program to Spay and Neuter Pets to guarantee animals can be adopted out into the public with a system in place for the animals not to procreate.

Enhanced Lost and Found are the one of proactive programs that gives the county a system to handle in the community another resolution method to the Lost and Found for Dogs and Cats.

Wayne County NC Reporting Non-Emergency Lost and Found

Lost and Found Pet Procedures and Programs:


Post Site and Format


Please include all of the following when asking L&FD to post your pet: (1) photo, (2) location (city/county/neighborhood) & date lost or found, (3) direct contact info (phone or email), (4) description/details. Please follow up on your pet’s post, so we can send out the alert again or close the case. Post updates right on the wall.

Wayne County Watchdogs
Wayne County Watchdogs



The official launch of Wayne County Lost and Found 4 Dogs NC will be on December 1. Wayne County, NC is a large county with around 125,000 population in the county. The successful launch of Lost and Found requires a pet community watch system in this county. Become a Wayne County Watchdog…A Watchdog will be a small group of concerned citizens from Rosewood to Walnut Creek or Fremont to Mount Olive and all points in between. The Watchdogs will be located throughout the county, and will be the rapid response in urgent Lost and Found situations still outside the ability of the county to handle. A Watchdog may be the internet research guru, sign and leaflet distributor, or the assistant to a Lost and Found situation in their community with a pet that does not fall under the guidelines of the county government system.


The Watchdogs will be involved in reporting to the Executive Volunteers for SidCody1998 active reports. Watchdogs can blog on SidCody1998 their experiences, and will witness to the citizens of the county the challenges being faced in the community concerning animal issues. http://SidCody1998.com/ to fill the Watchdog form…



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