Sid and Cody: Two Dogs Gave God Glory in His Creation

Sid & Cody
Sid & Cody watching every move as the floors were being replaced the following week – Sid and Cody were with me through all the changes-May 2013: Photo by Donny Wise

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20131219-193257.jpgIMG_0047 Sid & Cody were two Jack Russell Terriers that lived 15 years each on this place called Earth.


I would encounter these two wonders in my youth.  Sid is the larger of the two and Cody is the smaller dog. Cody would come with pointy ears. Sid would be almost human and Cody was 10 feet tall and bulletproof. 




20131219-193214.jpgSid was born on July 5th. He would share my Dad’s birthday. My dad was Sidney. Sid would happen to stick. Sid would give me more than my Dad could in my life. Cody was born on October 22nd in 1998.. Sid would be the strong and perfect one in youth. Cody was pulled early and would 

be weak and slow in youth.

Picture 603

One thought on “Sid and Cody: Two Dogs Gave God Glory in His Creation

  1. God gave a gifted dog and getting it dog to enrich my life for 15 years. I miss Sid being so human. I miss Cody being a free spirit, I miss them daily. Sid knew what I said to him many times. Sid and Cody became a part of my life when my family began to collapse. They were special. My friend stopped being an alcoholic because of Sid. Cody loved me the most of any one. He knew that I saved his life. My mother raised a hardcore son. No one gave her the credit for it. Sid loved her beyond words. He died and my mother said…No one loved me more ever…

    Cody taught me to never give up- He was so tiny and challenged but he lived healthy until his brother died and he died 3 weeks later


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