Friends of Wayne County Animals NC saw a new start in March with two new adminstrators taking the helm, and directing the group into a direction where the gateway to the community and animal control is via the Friends network. The  group being a liaison for the community and shelter system with each other could bring a new direction to save more animals at the Wayne County Animal Adoption and Education by filling the gaps left in the current county system, current rescue and adoption program, and community strategy currently in place. The group’s mission was to enhance what is working, and focus on the areas that need improvement.

The two areas of Lost and Found and Enhanced Adoptions for the county on special circumstance situations  in the county were missing programs to handle animals  in a proactive manner and the result was the animal control  and shelter system being the default. Lost pets were missing a real-time program of communication and pets were not able to be reunited with their owners immediately, and the shelter became the default system to handle many of these situations.

In addition, enhanced adoptions were not available to assist rehoming situations in cases where death, medical illness, life event circumstances, and deployment. The failure of responsibility is not an issue in these programs. The shelter system was a default action for these situations.

The program focus began in March, and the last 23 days  have been a snapshot  test  of the success of the new program

s .lost_and_found.jpg  249×165

23 Days and 29 Animals…..

We have been a part of 29 animals reunited, adopted, rescued. 25 animals have been directly because of Friends and Lost and Found and OUR Followers. We are going to post a photo gallery later today to showcase all these lives not taking up space in our shelter system but take up space being safe…

Congratulations! What a Great Story to Share on this Wednesday!

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