Posted by Donny Wise
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‪#‎NationalPetDay‬ ‪#‎PetShareToday‬

We celebrate the reunion of pets and owners on this day….4 DOGS IN 4 DAYS….

4 Dogs in 4 Days- THESE DOGS WERE FEATURED ON LOST AND FOUND AND FRIENDS OF WAYNE COUNTY ANIMALS NC…..TWO FINDERS AND ONE PET OWNER….They overcame challenging situations to foster the reunion of their pet to the rightful owner or back into their home. COOPERATION AND COMMUNICATION were key… One person, page, or idea is not the true solution, but we are the gateway for the owners and finders to the community and animal services of the county. The gateway must be open, accessible, and ethical.

4 spaces are not filled tonight at the shelter. 4 dogs are home with their owners. 4 dogs do not suffer from want or need….#NATIONALPETDAY…

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