When Your Neighbor’s Dog is Awesome?


I have lived around all different types of neighbors. The good neighbor is becoming more the exception than the rule in our modern world. The oxymoron of all neighbor relationships is the at best okay neighbor with the awesome dog. The dog wants to be best friends. Your neighbor wants no part of establishing close relations or they allow you to care for the dog as their offering to the good relations. Either way, a strange relationship has been forged by the dog being the best of the neighbors. The awesome dog becomes the neighbor’s buffer to interacting with you to the anchor on the neighbors neck. The awesome dog falls more in love, and the neighbor likes you less. The neighbor starts paying money for doggie care during vacations and invest in devices to avoid the dogs interaction to

The dog is so happy to be in your home and with your crew of fellow canines that their behavior is so exceptional in comparison to the humans. You don’t send them back. The neighbor must collect their awesome dog, and the free doggie care was nice until the awesome dog wants to stay and the realization of the human that the bad neighbor is not a neighbor at all. The accusations of overfeeding, teaching the dog wrong commands,  giving the dog too much attention.  You feel so low and bad for giving the dog some hamburger, teaching the dog not to respond to hate commands, and letting the dog sleep on the edge of the bed.  


The neighbor must take awesome out of the dog. The bad neighbor breaks the dog and keeps it away. The awesome dog will get away somedays and runs djrectly to the most awesome human. It is you !

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