A 5 week old runt was left in a litter of too many puppies to die. The survival of the fittest was the reasoning to let this runt die. He was a runt, but he fought against all odds to get a chance to nurse. He was much smaller than all the other pups, and he was kicked back from the larger brothers and sisters. This little being wanted to live, and a chance is what he got. This pup was taken at 5 weeks of age from his certain death to have a chance of life with everything against his survival. Many baby bottles and sleepless nights gave a Jack Russell Terrier that second chance. The enclosed pics were found by accident today, and I thought about the full life this dog had for almost 15 years of life. His name is Cody. He was my Jack Russell Terrier born on October 22, 1998. He passed away less than one month after the death of his adopted brother Sid. His heart was broken, and he left us on August 1, 2013. Tomorrow would be his 16th birthday.

I write this on the eve of his birthday because these pics are the example of how he lived life. He was small but never afraid. He was bulletproof, and he always found a way through. He loved snow and swimming. He would drink beer and liquor, and all adult beverages were always secured. He was fair and balanced. He always knew that I was the special one. He knew that I gave him a chance. He would admire me in a way his older and more intellectual brother could not. He was the baby, and he was the one full of life. I think about the thought of Cody being the 5 week old runt who died in that litter. What a vacuum in life would that have been?

Your Gammy misses you beyond belief…You have a new sister who is named Jasmine. Because of my little Cody, Jasmine was another dog in need of a second chance. She got it. Happy birthday Cody! You are a lesson for us humans. Everyone needs a second chance. I found these pics of you that was our last big snow when you and Sid were alive.

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