In Absence….The World Reminds



As the birds fly and stars shine, it reminds me of a history erased in one trace. The picture, the reminder,fell earlier as my emotions were at full pace. The absence hurts for two, and the nights are still in silence with no snores or abrupt roars. The change of seasons come, and the new makes the reality known. Gone, you two are gone from this life. I was shown from a flock of geese in the special gift that was not alone but in a pair. In youth, the geese were a change of the season, and the wait would be one of patience for us three to celebrate together.

I have lost my place, and the gifts from above. The time in this life quickly past. I see the geese almost everyday. Sometimes, they fly in formation or a pair as one leads and the other is by the wing. My reminder from God, my pain is temporary for in glory the heavens are your play station. In this life, you were more than two pets. In the next, you will be my forever friends. Fly well my friends……

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