The First Car Ride


I remember moving into the house in Charlotte, and I had to drive two cars back to Raleigh. Sid and Cody were small fellows, but they were riding in my car. My best friend drove my car to take you to stay with your Gammy as I followed a few minutes behind. I left a small list for him to follow in caring for you two, and this would be the first time in a long car ride without me being present. I was always worried that you guys would be thirsty. Sid would drink and eat as the perfect role model. Cody was still underdeveloped, and would refuse to drink water for long periods of time. My friend drove away on that warm day as you two were sitting in his lap, and hanging out the window hassling as you guys went down the highway.

I met up with you hours later as my friend was at my mom’s house, and she was not home. I thought the whole time about you guys being thirsty. I got out of the car, and brought out a spare bowl full of fresh water with you guys jumping out of the car drinking the entire bowl of water. A second refill was drank in full as well. My friend was the logical one, but he was speechless in not realizing how thirsty you guys were. He said that my car was leaking somewhere, and he would feel a drip here and there.

Well, Cody was tiny and his bladder could not hold his water at times. He dripped a little pee pee on you during the trip, and he picked Cody up to show it was not him. My friend picked Cody up only to be squirted by his nervous energy. You said a few choice words, but they were happy little fellows. I laughed so hard. That day seems like yesterday. It was 1999.









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