Beach, Boating, and Bittersweet

Sid and Cody:

I miss you guys daily. My two angels were here for many years only to be gone the next. I am moving to the beach, and my little otters will be absent. You two were born swimming and living. I will leave the last connection of our home on this earth. I knew you two were special, but your absence in the physical has been a celebration by only the Creator. God gave me the geese when you two were pups as a sign, and He sends the geese as my reminder of how special. Jasmine smells your scent and receives messages as she will mimic a behavior or action. I thank GOD for the  blessing of your existence in my life. Sid was the rock, and Cody was the fighter. I was there for you to break the ice around my heart. Sid and Cody was a gift from God. They were the thin line that saved my life. I never knew ANGELS could have spots…….

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