The explanation of the unique bond my family had with Sid and Cody is a long detailed story that covers an entire 15 years. The emotion of loss of both Sid and Cody is a fog of grief to express why these two were special. They can never be replaced, and I could not imagine having another dog ever in my life. Sid and Cody did teach me that Jack Russell Terriers (JRT) are unique. It takes a special person to take a JRT into a home, and the JRT being in a adverse situation does require a very unique situation to successfully onboard a JRT into a new home. Sid and Cody were always loved and lived in luxury including only being boarded one time only in their lives bc friends and family would offer to care for the boys during times of travel. One morning at 4am, my mother made me aware of a female Jack Russell needing foster home care until she could be relocated to the JRT rescue in New Jersey. At 8am, I was on the phone with the Rescue Coordinator, and I found out her situation. I knew that she needed a home and a rescue is a great place but she had a unique situation.

For many years, some loving person gave her a great life until this person lost the ability to care for her, and she spent the last several years neglected, sick, and abused. She did not trust anyone. After a ten day transition, the girl JRT became part of our family on September 17th. The foster family gave her the name Jasmine. She is totally different than Sid and Cody. We have been through a long I boarding process, and she has come a long way.

The following are some pictures of Jasmine. I will explain more of her journey in the future. One fact is she loves toys and loves to dig holes, and she is a photogenic dog…..Sid and Cody made it possible for me to take her in our home.








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