One formation in the sky



High in the morning sky…They came into my sight….They began to break formation…I thought of you one million times….Seeing you want to break your shell and fly with them in the sky….Moving over me in broken formation. They were restored in one formation and sounds of joy did echo from the sky…They were broken only to restored high in sky…I knew my little friend that your broke your shell to fly in the sky just out of reach my eye…..You began to spread your wings, and you look back to one friend left here you could not leave behind. God let him break his shell, and he went in flight to be by your side. As you became one formation, you were echoing joy to the sky….

Do not cry or be in pain for us. Like every season, the geese take flight to be restored together in the sky. The season will come for us who believe to break our shell to fly high in the sky to be restored all together like the geese one formation only broken for a time…I hear the noise of their presence many times this season to enlighten my mind….One day in the future only a short period in the span of time….

Tomorrow is Forever. We will echo in joy together as we are joining as a small part of a bigger formation. One flying forever being under the One that brought us together here on Earth in a smaller formation to insure our ability to reunite to something better after this life. Rewarded with forever in a job well done..You were sent to us on Earth to always look up to the sky for you knew there was something more out of reach of your eye. The good in your heart was a present from heaven. Now go fly with your companion by your side…We know in our hearts that you two will be the first to greet us on the other side along with so many more. We can sing and rejoice in that day where nothing is broken and pain/sorrow is all left behind when we fly as one high among the heavenly sky.

Donny Wise

Sid and Cody were very special in our family and the high impact was all a positive in having them for 15 years in our lives. Sid was very smart, aware, compassionate, and he wanted to be some much more than he was supposed to be on four legs and covered in the fur. We spent every season looking for geese in the sky. They would come into sight, and Sid would run and jump trying to be with them in flight. He would bark in a tone to match their call in the sky. His brother would jump at Sid for doing something that he could not understand. Sid taught me that he strived to live and be always so much more than he was given credit to be. He died in July, and this fall season has been some many geese flying over my house almost every day high in the sky. We would sit in the yard and wait to catch a glimpse of geese. This year is a geese flyover almost everyday or several times a day as the season changed. How strange? I consider it a message because in my heart we will meet again.

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