is home for the two best Jack Russell Terriers who died in July and August 2013


Life is what it is and not what we want. Sid & Cody were two unique lights in this world. They have a permanent site for them at


My Jack Russell Terriers are an inspiration to me as they passed away earlier this year to do something productive with my talents in lieu of grieving. Please visit the site for a permanent memorial site for both SId and Cody……The site is under construction, and will be used to house all the pictures, stories, and videos on the site about these amazing animals. They lived for 15 years, and had the best life possible in love and comfort. Both boys were special, but one was uniquely intelligent. Their loss is like losing my children. I hope you enjoy the site upon completion, because we will try to assist animals in need and open our blog for you to share an amazing story……..

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