1998: The New Wolfpack


In 1998, I decided after growing up around animals my whole life that were outdoor pets on our farm or fenced backyard. This pet would be indoor since I was an independent adult , and the possibility of being allowed in the house at Christmas with an indoor dog. I decided on a Jack Russell Terrier and named him Sid or my uncle would affectionately say “Sid the Kid”. Sid was special from Day One as a pup. I ran to jump a tennis court net one day and to my right was Sid jumping the net too. I threw a stick in a lake to release frustration, and Sid jumps in the water without ever seeing a dog retrieve a stick and brings the stick to me dripping wet and uses his mouth to hand me back the stick and I stayed dry. Sid was special and my mom saw Sid the first time and could not say no to that face or his infamous shake with right or left or both front paws. I saw my Mom really liked having Sid around, and I decided to surprise her at Christmas with a Jack Russell puppy. Sid was perfect, so all Jacks must be perfect.

Along came number 2, I named him Cody. I gave Sid the freedom to be as big as he wanted to be. My rights were his rights. I had to expand my rights of freedom when Cody came along. Cody started life fighting for his rights. Where Sid would be the genius for a dog; Cody would be the exact opposite. Cody was addicted to alcohol the first taste, and he was a nightmare the first two years to potty train. He was a five week pup when I got Cody…..Details Later

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